Local Authorities

Working with the public sector is both challenging and rewarding. At Monitor we have been proud of the long established relationship that we have with Local Authorities.

In today’s economical climate, authorities need to establish partnerships which can deliver real value yet retain flexibility and reliability with cost certainty.

Monitor Services recognise the pressures placed on Local Authorities to increasingly deliver high level front line services with reducing budgets.  Our service provides authorities with exceptional standards delivered through a highly trained, motivated and committed workforce in the most economical manner. We embracing local resources generating wealth and employment within the community.

We understand the budget constraints and the exacting standards that are expected.We have extensive experience working for local authorities throughout South East England. Our fully vetted, COSHH certified team of highly experienced cleaners provide a rigourous service with exceptional attention to detail.  Indeed, our consistently high standards inbuilt into our company through our rigorous quality and safety procedures align carefully with all regulations.  We would be delighted to provide a highly competitive bid for any tender contracts you may have available.

At all times we work collaboratively with our Local Authority partners to deliver the service that is needed so that they can deliver the best levels of service to their communities.

Monitor Services extensive experience in the local authority sector includes working in parks, open spaces, leisure and library facilities. We provide secure and safe serviced environments for educational and care facilities through to offices and town halls often within highly populated and dense communities.

Monitor understands the need to be environmentally friendly in all our cleaning services and we approach all our contracts with the flexibility required to deliver the job. Wherever possible we use greener cleaning products so that we are not only helping the environment but also protecting our own cleaning workforce.

Over all, Monitor aims to provide a clean and healthy environment for workers and the general public across all Local Authority services.

Other services provided for Local Authorities:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Bin chutes cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Kitchen deep cleaning


How we helped the London Borough of Ealing

LONDON BOROUGH OF EALING – SHELTERED HOMES May 2002 – April 2009 Communal area cleaning, litter picking , gritting, salting – mobile team concept We commenced our Mobile Team concept at LB Ealing to meet the challenge of a service which had previously proved unsatisfactory for the client in that there was no provision to cover the non-attendance of static staff at sheltered schemes and the residents were unhappy with the service standards which resulted. Focussed Team Service Concept We proposed to divide the contract into areas and to effectively operate each area with fully trained mobile teams. The staff were trained in all aspects of cleaning required to service the area. We visited each building as specified with the teams and worked to task schedules that totally serviced each building’s requirements. Each team had a supervisor who checked all areas and completed our quality audit forms. The teams were further supported by a dedicated contract manager dealing with the day to day operation and client liaison. The contract manager reported to an Area Manager or directly to the Operations Director. There was a call out arrangement for emergency requirements such as spillages, ice/snow clearance etc. We proved that small More →

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