How we helped a Food Manufacturing Client

Food manufacturing is a complex service. A client was having difficulties with a recurrent Listeria problem. After several attempts at investigation and increasing the cleaning to different parts of the plant, it had still not identified how the contamination was being reintroduced. Monitor Hygiene Services Ltd offered to carry out a comprehensive survey of the operation. By widening the investigation beyond the previous scope, we were able to identify that equipment trolleys were being tracked through the production area. This was leading to contamination through cross handling. It was a loop hole previously unseen. The route was changed and a more intensive trolley cleaning programme was proposed. The Listeria problem was eliminated.

How we helped an Airline Catering client

An airline catering client had major labour recruitment issues in their Manchester unit which threatened their ability to carry out their operation. This was having a critical impact to their customer service commitments. They struggled to recruit locally due to the location of the site. They also had poor experiences with local recruitment agencies.

Monitor Hygiene Services Ltd provided a Contract Labour Service by decanting the staff required from their pool of labour in the Heathrow area. They arranged local transport and accommodation in the Manchester area which ensured that our client could deliver on their service commitments during the busy summer period.

How we helped Brighton Schools through thick and thin

School cleaning is one of many areas of expertise at Monitor

The cleaning of three schools in the Brighton & Hove City Council district were part of a PFI contract, serviced by Jarvis Accommodation Services (part of Jarvis PLC).

Service difficulties led to Jarvis seeking to sub contract the school cleaning services element of the contract to a capable cleaning company.

Monitor Cleaning Services Ltd were chosen to deliver the service and quickly began to make improvements from day one. Over a period of time the satisfaction levels at the school increased to a point where help desk tickets for cleaning issues were reduced to almost nil.

Unfortunately, Jarvis PLC went into liquidation and the Cleaning Service came under threat again. However, in spite of being owed a significant number of unpaid invoices from Jarvis, Monitor stayed loyal to the schools and Brighton City Council and continued the service to maintain the standards. The contract was eventually novated from Jarvis to Monitor who are now contracted directly to Brighton City Council, who continue to be very happy with the service and standards of work.

Peter Fordham, Operations Director at Monitor says “this is a case of sticking with the task through thick and thin. Even when we were facing a large bad debt from the main contractor, we knew we couldn’t let the schools down, so we kept the service going. Maintaining customer satisfaction and staff morale was paramount. We all came through in the end”.

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How we helped Warden Homes (Home Housing Group)


Contract since 2002

Communal cleaning in residential blocks – mobile team service

The Rayners Lane estate is the largest in Harrow, and had been undergoing a regeneration programme, replacing poor quality accommodation with modern and appealing homes.

Monitor Cleaning Services have provided a flexible service which has responded to the changing requirements as old blocks have been removed and new ones added to the cleaning schedule. We have integrated closely with the community and become involved with several community events and initiatives. We have a local employment preference policy and one of our staff lives on the estate and another has worked on the contract since the beginning in 2002. Our staff have also starred in the ‘a day in the life of …’ feature in the local ‘Grapevine’ newsletter. Standards of cleaning have been well maintained and we are now being asked to quote for other cleaning services for the Home Group in Northwest London.

How we helped Charlton Triangle Homes


Contract since 2001

Managed Estate cleaning, full time cleaners/caretakers, Chute clearance, Salt, Gritting, light bulb changing, window cleaning etc

The problems faced on this site were that the previous staff were untrained and not properly managed. We provided an on-site Manager and commenced a BICSc training program and also an initiative scheme (Best Block Award, and Best Caretaker Award) which improved the performance and morale of the team. We have also integrated fully with the residents, offering them added value including free carpet machine hire. We attend resident meetings and events to encourage feedback on ways the service can be continuously improved.

The Estate has undergone considerable investment and refurbishment and now reflects a high standard of cleaning and management, which has been recognised by both Client and Residents.

"Monitor always receive a high score in the monthly ratings. I can count on one hand the problems I have had with this company over the last 10 years". Frank O' Boyle, Environmental Manager, Charlton Triangle Homes.

How we helped Coca Cola with their waste management

Monitor Hygiene Services Ltd have provided cleaning services to the Coca Cola bottling plant at Edmonton for over 10 years.

Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd take their corporate and environmental responsibilities very seriously:

“We currently recycle/recover around 99.9% of our factory waste and 4 of our manufacturing sites are zero waste; Wakefield, Milton Keynes, Edmonton and Sidcup”

However, they were not getting complete satisfaction from another contractor with the service for the sorting of waste for recycling, this was resulting in extra cost from further sorting by the waste collection company. Monitor Hygiene Services Ltd asked if they could be considered.

Because of their long term experience with the successful cleaning services provided by Monitor, Coca Cola were confident that they would receive a professional and good value service. Monitor were granted a trial period of providing the waste management service at Edmonton.

This proved to be very successful, with improved standards and cost savings. As a result, Coca Cola have now added the waste management to the ranges of services, performed by Monitor at the Edmonton site.

"I want to thank you and your team for the support shown during the important VIP visit today. Some may think that what you have done to help is part of the job, but I know the extra work you guys do to help things run smoothly. Please pass on our gratitude to your teams and my personal thanks." Coca Cola Bottling Plant - Edmonton
"The waste guys have played a big part in contributing to this fantastic performance. Can you please thank all your guys for their hard work and commitment, we could never have achieved this without changing over to Monitor Services. We need to let the guys know how well they are doing and we need them to continue with the same drive and ownership to sustain these fantastic results." Coca Cola Bottling Plant - Edmonton

How we helped the London Borough of Ealing


May 2002 – April 2009

Communal area cleaning, litter picking , gritting, salting – mobile team concept

We commenced our Mobile Team concept at LB Ealing to meet the challenge of a service which had previously proved unsatisfactory for the client in that there was no provision to cover the non-attendance of static staff at sheltered schemes and the residents were unhappy with the service standards which resulted.

Focussed Team Service Concept

We proposed to divide the contract into areas and to effectively operate each area with fully trained mobile teams. The staff were trained in all aspects of cleaning required to service the area. We visited each building as specified with the teams and worked to task schedules that totally serviced each building’s requirements.

Each team had a supervisor who checked all areas and completed our quality audit forms.

The teams were further supported by a dedicated contract manager dealing with the day to day operation and client liaison. The contract manager reported to an Area Manager or directly to the Operations Director.

There was a call out arrangement for emergency requirements such as spillages, ice/snow clearance etc.

We proved that small focussed teams work far more efficiently and effectively than large teams or individuals on contracts with distributed buildings. Each member of the team has a duty, and the standards reached and maintained are a team effort. A quality and site specific manual which includes schedules, and periodic tasks is lodged with each team.

"The service being provided is good and I have had no complaints. Score out of 5 is 4". Sanjeev Sharma - London Borough of Ealing - Sheltered Homes