Hospitality and Catering

The need for scrupulous commercial kitchen cleaning is paramount; local councils will close down any premises found lacking when the inspectors visit.  500,000 people per year report food poisoning and approximately 500 people a year die from the poisoning.

Do not let your catering business fall victim to legislation – take action now!

Monitor Hygiene has a wealth of experience providing Kitchen Cleaning and Hygiene Services to the Catering and Food  Processing industry. Its trained operatives are flexible and adaptable enough to work within Catering establishments of all sizes, from large Airline Caterers to chains of major hotels and individual high street restaurants.

We understand the industry and work within the strict standards to deliver peace of mind,  and service with a smile. Apart from delivering the legal requirements, a clean working environment will lead to a more motivated workforce, happy customers and ultimately, an increase in sales turnover.

Many businesses within the hospitality sector, such as hotels and leisure providers, rely on Monitor to deliver a range a cleaning and support services to ensure they meet their quality targets and customer satisfaction levels. We appreciate that in the hospitality sector, customer service is paramount, and we ensure the upmost levels of cleanliness and hygiene for all our customers.

Hygiene Services that we offer include: 

  • Building fabric cleaning, including floors, wall/floor junctions, walls, ceilings, ceiling/wall junctions, windows, ledges, doors and door frames
  • Bulk storage areas
  • Cooking equipment – equipment is dismantled by hand, fully deep cleaned and re-assembled
  • Kitchen extraction units – the structure of the canopy is degreased internally and externally to reduce the risk of fire and explosion
  • Structure and high level cleaning – lights, ceilings, walls, floors and all kitchen fixtures and fittings
  • Drain blockage prevention
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Ventilation
  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning

For a reliable, high standard catering and hospitality cleaning company, get in touch with Monitor Services. Please contact us for a free site survey and quote.

How we helped an Airline Catering client

An airline catering client had major labour recruitment issues in their Manchester unit which threatened their ability to carry out their operation. This was having a critical impact to their customer service commitments. They struggled to recruit locally due to the location of the site. They also had poor experiences with local recruitment agencies. Monitor Hygiene Services Ltd provided a Contract Labour Service by decanting the staff required from their pool of labour in the Heathrow area. They arranged local transport and accommodation in the Manchester area which ensured that our client could deliver on their service commitments during the busy summer period.

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