How we helped Brighton Schools through thick and thin

School cleaning is one of many areas of expertise at Monitor

The cleaning of three schools in the Brighton & Hove City Council district were part of a PFI contract, serviced by Jarvis Accommodation Services (part of Jarvis PLC).

Service difficulties led to Jarvis seeking to sub contract the school cleaning services element of the contract to a capable cleaning company.

Monitor Cleaning Services Ltd were chosen to deliver the service and quickly began to make improvements from day one. Over a period of time the satisfaction levels at the school increased to a point where help desk tickets for cleaning issues were reduced to almost nil.

Unfortunately, Jarvis PLC went into liquidation and the Cleaning Service came under threat again. However, in spite of being owed a significant number of unpaid invoices from Jarvis, Monitor stayed loyal to the schools and Brighton City Council and continued the service to maintain the standards. The contract was eventually novated from Jarvis to Monitor who are now contracted directly to Brighton City Council, who continue to be very happy with the service and standards of work.

Peter Fordham, Operations Director at Monitor says “this is a case of sticking with the task through thick and thin. Even when we were facing a large bad debt from the main contractor, we knew we couldn’t let the schools down, so we kept the service going. Maintaining customer satisfaction and staff morale was paramount. We all came through in the end”.

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